Extremely high speed and high coverage home wifi

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One Line Summary

802.11ac speeds are great - if you're 3 feet away.


Google Fiber is a new service that brings gigabit-speed Internet connections to people’s homes at a reasonable price. But by removing the Internet bottleneck, we just expose the next ones, especially the limitations of wifi networks.

Avery can present the discoveries and data GFiber has obtained while rolling out “gigabit wifi” (which doesn’t exist) as well as identifying the next big problems that need to get solved. Hopefully this will lead into discussions of channel crowding, roaming, single-home mesh networks, router failover, the potential value of pure wifi repeaters, bridging with wired backhaul, latency and active queue management, limitations of TCP at high speeds with variable wifi latency, etc.


wireless, wifi, 802.11ac, aggregation, roaming, mesh, extenders, repeaters