How far are we from running distributions inside containers?

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One Line Summary

Let's discuss the missing kernel functionality for running Linux distributions inside containers


Efforts are being made to improve the level of virtualization provided by containers to userland programs.

A partial list of non-fully-virtualized subsystems that have been discussed on the containers list or in conferences during the recent year:

  • audit
  • syslog
  • binder
  • fuse
  • iptables
  • binfmt_misc
  • input
  • sysfs

We would like to discuss the main pain points of people trying to run distributions or complex applications inside containers.

What virtualization is best achieved by containers manager in userspace and which essential bits should be provided by the kernel?


  • Amir

    Amir Goldstein



    Amir Goldstein heads the virtualization group at Cellrox (, a start-up company providing virtualization for multi-persona solutions on smartphones and
    tablets. Prior to Cellrox, Amir lead technology groups at various start-up companies in the fields of security, storage, networking, and cloud computing. Amir is the creator and maintainer of out-of-tree Next3 project, which brings snapshot support for the ubiquitous Ext3 with fully compatible on-disk format. Amir collaborated the efforts to mainline snapshots support to Ext4. Amir holds an M.Sc. in Electric Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and a B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science from Hebrew University.


  • Oren Laadan



    Dr. Oren Laadan is the CTO of Cellrox (, a startup
    company providing virtualization for multi-persona solutions on smartphones and
    tablets. Prior to Cellrox, he was a researcher at Columbia University focusing
    on computer systems, broadly defined, including virtualization, operating
    systems, security, reliability, and mobile computing. Oren developed Linux
    Checkpoint-Restart (linux-cr), based in part on his research on virtualization
    and application checkpoint-restart. He developed MOSIX for Linux, a Linux
    extension for single-system image clustering and automatic load balancing. Oren
    holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University.