What's missing for Miracast?

This proposal has been accepted as a session.


One Line Summary

Missing bits and pieces in the wireless stack to make Miracast work on linux.


The MiracleCast project implements Miracast on linux. So far, it only serves as proof-of-concept, though. This talk will demonstrate the current state and list shortcomings in the current wifi P2P stack that prevent MiracleCast from being adopted by distributions.

This presentation should serve as feedback to the wifi P2P developers and as starting point for a discussion on future developments.


  • David Herrmann



    David Herrmann is a student from Germany working on the linux kernel input and graphics subsystems to improve the core user-space interface between graphics servers and the kernel.

    David Herrmann studies mathematics and computer science at University of Tübingen and works on several open-source software projects in his spare time. Since 2011 he spent most of his time on projects around the HID and DRM kernel layers to replace the ancient linux VT system and improve the way graphics servers configure GPUs and input devices.

    He got involved in open-source development while working on server-daemons for IRC-networks in 2007. Since then he has contributed to many linux open-source software projects including: Wii-Remote driver, Bluetooth and HID kernel subsystems, Wayland+DRM and kmscon.