Real-Time Virtualization - How Crazy Are We?

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One Line Summary

Enabling and improving real-time guarantees in Linux-based virtualization environments


You have a legacy RTOS and want to run it on a Linux system? Or there is a need to isolate -rt machines from each other while running on the same host? Then just combine -rt with KVM and be done, right? Almost.

This talk will provide a brief overview over Linux-based real-time virtualization options, the requirements on stack components, their status and some traps and pitfalls when setting up real systems. It will then try to encourage a discussion on how to improve the components regarding real-time and how to achieve that they works more “out of the box” under real-time constraints.

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  • Jan Kiszka

    Siemens AG


    Jan Kiszka is working as a consultant and senior software engineer in the Corporate Competence Center for Embedded Linux at Siemens Corporate Technology. He is supporting Siemens Sectors with adapting and enhancing open source as platform for their products. For customer projects and whenever his spare time permits, he is contributing to open source projects, specifically in the area of real-time and virtualization.