Enlightenment as Wayland Compositor

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Microconference Session

One Line Summary

The journey we took to make it possible to run Enlightenment as a standalone Wayland compositor.


We will quickly cover the work we did to let Enlightenment act as a standaolone wayland compositor.

  • Getting rid of the X deps we had all over the code base
  • Interfacing with the lower layers on our own (DRM, VT handling, input devices, etc)
  • Implementing XDG shell

After that we can dive into the discussion about topics that needs work in wayland or are potential areas for collaboration.

  • libinput
  • Extending XDG shell
  • (Session recovery)

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  • Biography

    An avid linux user since 1996, I joined the EFL community in 1997 and gained committ access in 2001. Since then, I have remained highly active in the EFL community with contributions to every major portion of the EFL libraries, including being responsible for the porting of EFL to Wayland. I’ve been involved with Wayland since 2012 and have had several patches landed upstream in Wayland also.


  • Biography

    Stefan Schmidt is a FOSS contributor for over 10 years by now. During this time he worked on different
    projects and different layers of the Linux eco system. From bootloader and kernel work when porting
    Linux 2.6 to some Motorola smartphones in the OpenEZX project to User Interface work at OpenMoko.

    He was technical steering committee member of OpenEmbedded during his merge with the Yocto project
    and used OpenEmbedded in various private and commercial projects. For some years he was the
    maintainer of dfu-utils and right now he is the release manager of the Enlightenment Foundation

    Nowadays he is working at the Samsung Open Source Group Europe in the areas of Enlightenment
    Foundations Libraries and Wayland.