Network Virtualization and Security track

Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 9:30am12:30pm
Room 27

The Linux Plumbers 2014 Network Virtualization and Security track is focusing design and implementation of virtualization and security in the networking stack. Network virtualization is undoubtedly an exciting and disruptive technology that is becoming pervasive in the data center, however it could easily become a security and privacy nightmare. We need to address these issues as a community. This is important not just for the success of virtualization or cloud, but, I believe, is paramount to the future of the Internet itself!

Presentation slots are limited to 10 minutes with a maximum of 3 slides plus time allocated for the actual discussion. Each presentation should consist of a problem statement and a list of possible approaches to problem to enable community discussion.


Microconference Leaders

Tom Herbert, Thomas Graf

Sessions for this track

* A High Performance Socket Interface in Linux

A proposal for using hardware queues with the af_packet interface and a discussion on how to use this with existing virt interfaces.
Network Virtualization and Security
John Fastabend, John Ronciak

* Adding stateful features to OVS

Discuss adding stateful features to OVS by leveraging kernel functions
Network Virtualization and Security
Justin Pettit

* Does network packet format matter?

Ideas for solving ever growing needs of networking in the cloud and live discussion
Network Virtualization and Security
Alexei Starovoitov

* Encrypted VXLAN

ideas for providing per tenant encryption of virtualized networks in the cloud
Network Virtualization and Security
Alexei Starovoitov

* Geneve: Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation

Implementing a network virtualization encapsulation protocol flexible enough for now and the future.
Network Virtualization and Security
Jesse Gross

* Integrated Network Virtualization

Integrated Network Virtualization is aimed at providing a minimally intrusive and highly performant network virtualization solution in the Linux stack.
Network Virtualization and Security
Tom Herbert

* OVS Micro Summit Summary

Summary of proceedings of the dataplane focused OVS micro summit on Wednesday.
Network Virtualization and Security
Thomas Graf, Jesse Gross

* UDP encapsulation, FOU, GUE, & RCO

A discussion around recent work to support UDP encapsulation in the stack.
Network Virtualization and Security
Tom Herbert

* Virtualized high performance (DPDK) packet processing

Moving from 500Kpps to low latency and high packet rate - 2Mpps to 200Mpps - requires some evolutions of vNICs
Network Virtualization and Security
Vincent JARDIN