Real Time II track

Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 1:304:30pm
Room 2

The Linux Plumbers 2014 Real Time track focuses on issues with the -rt patchset and with use of both -rt and the mainline kernel for real-time applications.

Microconference Leader

Paul McKenney

Sessions for this track

* Avoiding some of the mmap_sem usage

Avoiding some RT issues by avoiding mmap_sem
Real Time II
Peter Zijlstra

* Read Write Semaphore bottlenecks

Handling the difficulties of priority inheritance and Reader Writer semaphores. (slides)
Real Time II
Steven Rostedt

* RT Status report

Status of the realtime project. Mini-Summit readout
Real Time II
Thomas Gleixner

* SIL2LinuxMP: GNU/Linux Multicore platform for safety related systems

Certifying GNU/Linux for safety (slides)
Real Time II
Nicholas Mc Guire