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Refereed Talks

Proposals for this track

* ACPI And Device Trees - Friends Or Foes?

The audience are Linux kernel developers working on device drivers and the driver core as well as anyone interested in the interactions between the kernel and the platform firmware. Attendees can expect an overview of the problems addressed by ACPI and Device Trees, an outline of similarities and differences between the two platform firmware interfaces, a description of kernel modifications that would allow device drivers to use configuration data provided by the platform firmware in a uniform way, regardless of which firmware interface (ACPI or DT) is used by the given platform, and more.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Rafael Wysocki

* Automatic NUMA Balancing

The audience is anyone interested in the performance characteristics of NUMA systems, as well as people interested in how automatic NUMA balancing works.
Refereed Talks 08/14/2014
Rik van Riel

* First glimpse at shingled drives

Anyone interested in modern storage technologies and trends.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Hannes Reinecke

* Ftrace kernel hooks, more than just tracing

The audience is aimed at developers. You do not need to be a kernel developer to enjoy this talk. Just someone that enjoys the art of programming and the crazy ideas that are performed to overcome such obstacles. Live code modification is not trivial, and now the new features of allocating code on the fly makes it even more radical. This is not a trivial task; it requires understanding how the CPU pipeline works as well as all states that the kernel can be in. (slides)
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Steven Rostedt

* How to design a Linux kernel API

The intended audience is kernel developers and user-space programmers with an interest in the long-term health of the kernel-user-space API, and anyone with an interest in API design.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Michael Kerrisk

* Linux kernel tinification

How small can the Linux kernel get today? What would it take to make it an order of magnitude smaller? A detailed look at kernel configuration, what's really required in the kernel versus what's optional, and what you can expect over the next few years of further kernel tinification.
Refereed Talks 08/14/2014
Josh Triplett

* Network Queuing is all wet

The audience is anyone who uses networking (ie everyone). The talk is meant to be informative and entertaining at the same time.
Refereed Talks 08/14/2014
Stephen Hemminger

* Scaling Userspace @ Facebook

The audience is for Linux kernel developers, developers of low-level systems libraries and developers of applications with high performance demands from the kernel. The audience can expect details of the types of issues we've encountered running large applications at Facebook, workarounds that we've had to use, and pointers to code that we've open sourced.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Ben Maurer

* Systematic testing of fault handling code in Linux kernel

The target audience is Linux kernel developers as well as anyone who is interested in advanced verification and testing techniques, for example, to build, verify and certify safety or security critical systems on top of Linux kernel.
Refereed Talks 09/04/2014
Alexey Khoroshilov

* Using Persistent Memory Effectively

The audience is application and system level programmers. Attendees should leave this talk understanding the problems that they may encounter when trying to use Persistent Memory and some potential solutions to them.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Matthew Wilcox