Development Tools track

Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 9:30am12:30pm
Room 26

Currently, there are a number of development tools, such as Coccinelle, sparse and checkpatch, that are easily usable via the Linux build system and that are used by the Linux 0-day kernel test system. The goal of the Linux Plumbers 2014 Development Tools track is to exchange experiences on the use of these tools and to consider what should be done next. We particularly encourage presentations on current uses of development tools and on development problems that could benefit from tool support.

The microconference will consist of short presentations followed by discussions of related issues.

Microconference Leader

Julia Lawall

Sessions for this track

* Backporting the kernel with SmPL

Can the Coccinelle engine be used to help automatically backport the Linux kernel?
Development Tools
Luis Rodriguez

* Coccinelle: A program matching and transformation tool

Gain insights into Coccinelle to open new avenues to faster and efficient kernel contributions.
Development Tools
Himangi Saraogi

* Development Tools Discussion

Development Tools
Julia Lawall

* GCC and LLVM collaboration review

Outcomes of the GNU+LLVM discussion at the GNU cauldron and the implications for other projects. (slides)
Development Tools
Renato Golin

* How to fix bugs automatically?

I will introduce the idea of automatic software repair and how it works in practice.
Development Tools
Martin Monperrus

* Testing Multiple Architectures Using QEMU

Discussing how `make ARCH=all test` for Linux libraries and applications can be realized.
Development Tools
Christopher Covington

* Undertaker-checkpatch: how to avoid #ifdef bugs in the Linux kernel

I present a tool, which checks Git commits for variability related #ifdef bugs. (slides)
Development Tools
Valentin Rothberg

* vampyr: configurability aware compile-testing of source files

I present a tool, which compile-tests sourcefiles with a high coverage of configurable CPP-blocks. (slides)
Development Tools
Stefan Hengelein