Real Time I track

Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 9:30am12:30pm
Room 2

The Linux Plumbers 2014 Real Time track focuses on issues with the -rt patchset and with use of both -rt and the mainline kernel for real-time applications.

Microconference Leader

Paul McKenney

Sessions for this track

* Current state of full dynticks

Summary about full dynticks evolvement (slides)
Real Time I
Frederic Weisbecker

* Following mainline with PREEMPT_RT

Pitfalls you step in while porting PREEMPT_RT to a new mainline version. (slides)
Real Time I
Sebastian Siewior

* Long-term testing

More than hundred PREEMPT_RT systems at the OSADL QA Farm approve real-time capabilities
Real Time I
Carsten Emde

* Real-Time Virtualization - How Crazy Are We?

Enabling and improving real-time guarantees in Linux-based virtualization environments (slides)
Real Time I
Jan Kiszka