Network Management track

Friday, October 17, 2014 from 1:003:45pm
Room 2

The pervasive use of networking by household appliances, sensor networks, manufacturing equipment, and even automobiles is posing quite a few challenges to network management. One of the nice things about network management tools is that there are so many of them to choose from, including NetworkManager, ConnMan, systemd, and wicked. This situation brings up questions about improved code sharing among these projects, interoperability for the inevitable situation where more than one is in use, and handoff of network configuration information.

This microconference will feature important discussions on other topics as well, including security issues, tethering, the interactions between NFS root filesystems and DHCP leases, the interaction between the various networking stacks and various DNS resolvers, and supporting system services that need some sort of connectivity at system startup (see Bugzilla 728965).

Microconference Leaders

Daniel Wagner, Tom Gundersen, Pavel Šimerda

Sessions for this track

* Bringing WiFi P2P connectivity to higher level via ConnMan

How providing WiFi P2P connectivity in a simple manner has been solved though ConnMan (slides)
Network Management
Tomasz Bursztyka

* ConnMan status update

ConnMan status update (slides)
Network Management
Patrik Flykt

* DNSSEC and split DNS using unbound and dnssec-trigger

What we expect from unbound and dnssec-trigger and how we integrate them to Fedora and possibly other distributions.
Network Management
Pavel Šimerda

* Introduction to networkd

Introduction to networkd, what have been done so far, what we are working on, and what we see as our main usecases
Network Management
Tom Gundersen

* NetworkManager Status Update

Status Update on NetworkManager and what to expect from nm-1.0 (slides)
Network Management
Thomas Haller

* systemd-resolved

Recently, systemd gained it's own mini-daemon for host name resolution, called "systemd-resolved". This deserves explanation
Network Management
Lennart Poettering

* Traffic control for multimedia applications

Controlling the network bandwidth with traffic control for multimedia applications on mobile networks
Network Management
Alban Crequy

Proposals for this track

* libsystemd-network - a shared low-level networking library

networkd is built on a collection of networking libraries, which we intend to one day make public and allow to be integrated into other networking stacks
Network Management 08/22/2014
Tom Gundersen

* Miracast and Wifi P2P

Integration of Wifi-P2P clients in the linux network stack by taking the example of Miracast
Network Management 08/22/2014
David Herrmann

* Per application routing and statistics

Gather network traffic per application and define routing per application as well.
Network Management 08/12/2014
Daniel Wagner

* RT netlink: protocol consistency

RT netlink has a limited set of tasks, implemented in the Linux kernel in too many different ways. Short discussion how to get lost in the protocol.
Network Management 08/26/2014
Peter Saveliev