LLVM track

Friday, October 17, 2014 from 9:00amNoon
Room 27

The Linux Plumbers 2014 LLVM Microconference is focusing on increasing the use of LLVM related technologies surrounding Linux.

Speakers should cover topics which help the adoption of LLVM and clang for things like the Linux Kernel, Android, yocto, etc.

Last year a lot of progress was made in patching LLVM and Clang in order to support kernel compilation. This year there has been a lot more progress in upstreaming patches to the Linux kernel in order to support the use of clang. Over the same time period progress was made on building both the Linux kernel and Android userspace. Clang is also now distributed as part of the Android NDK, and LLVM related tech is now included in most distros as well as projects like yocto. However the work isn’t finished yet. There is still much to fix and upstream to the related code bases in order to advance these goals.

This microconference will gather interested parties from the Linux kernel, LLVM, Android, yocto and related communities to plan the most expedient way to get support for using Clang upstream.

Microconference Leaders

Behan Webster, Mark Charlebois

Sessions for this track

* Building Android userland with clang

Problems when trying to build Android userland with clang, and future steps (slides)
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* LLVM AArch64

LLVM AArch64
Kristof Beyls

* LLVM ARM Toolchain

Bringing a full LLVM toolchain together, from core support tools (like integrated assembler and exception handling) to libraries and tools. (slides)
Renato Golin

* LLVMLinux progress

Where do we stand with the patches to support compiling the kernel with clang (slides)
Behan Webster

* Switching OpenMandriva to clang

Experiences OpenMandriva made while changing the distribution's default compiler to clang 3.5 (slides)
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Using LLVM to generate call graphs for the Linux kernel

Build code with clang and get call graphs for free
Mark Charlebois

* What's left to make allyesconfig on x86_64

The LLVMLinux is close to be able to compile the full kernel (aka allyesconfig) - what is left to do ? (slides)
Jan-Simon Möller

* What's new in the LLVM Ecosystem, and how does that affect the kernel?

A tour of LLVM technologies, concentrating on those of interest to kernel developers. (slides)
Marshall Clow