File and Storage Systems track

Thursday, October 16, 2014 from 1:304:30pm
Room 27

The Linux Plumbers 2014 File and Storage Track will be focused on current challenges in the IO stack and ongoing work. This will be structured like the Linux File, Storage and Memory management event – individual topics will be discussed with an appointed topic lead, but presentations are actively discouraged. A few slides can be used to help frame the discussion.

Unlike the LSF/MM event, our plumbers track is going to be especially interested in pulling in people from the many communities that work in this space – not just kernel developers. Good examples of past topics include management of file and storage systems, dealing with new technologies like persistent memory at the various levels of the stack and how we interact with things like cloud storage or big data needs.

For more information on the file and storage track, see the wiki page here:

Microconference Leaders

Ric Wheeler, Hannes Reinecke, Lukáš Czerner

Sessions for this track

* DRBD9 and drbdmanage

drbd9 and drbdmanage are the data and control plane of a distributed storage system for replicated block devices. A cinder driver is already in development. Integration into other storage management frameworks desirable?
File and Storage Systems
Philipp Reisner

* Filesystem Status and Updates

Filesystem Status and Updates
File and Storage Systems
Chris Mason

* FS-Cache for file systems in userspace

Enabling on-disk caches for userspace file systems by integrating FS-Cache in FUSE.
File and Storage Systems
Niels de Vos

* How to evaluate block allocator changes

This session will discuss ways we can and should evaluate changes to a file system block allocator to avoid performance regressions.
File and Storage Systems
Lukáš Czerner

* Other Topics - Look Here for slides and uploads

Placeholder for other topics not formally scheduled - used to hang presentatation from.
File and Storage Systems
Ric Wheeler

* SMR integration and how to overcome layering issues

This talk will focus on SMR integration with the linux SCSI stack and how layering issues can be overcome
File and Storage Systems
Hannes Reinecke, James Borden

* Support for open-channel SSDs and flash-agnostic APIs

Integration of flash-agnostic APIs (e.g., Key-value store, Object store, Atomic-IOs, etc.) with open-channel SSDs- status and discussion (slides)
File and Storage Systems
Matias Bjørling, Jesper Madsen, Javier Gonzalez

Proposals for this track

* Zone ATA Command support of SMR -- status and outlook

Current status of ZAC standard (INCITS) and open-source collaboration for software stack support for ZAC-enabled storage devices.
File and Storage Systems 08/15/2014
James Borden