Room 2

Capacity: 100
Size: Big
Seating Configuration: Chairs

Linux Plumbers Conference 2014 Birds of a Feather Sessions

Sessions for this room

Thursday, October 16 - 04:30 PM

* Linux packet processing performance improvements

Discussing ongoing work to incorporate bulk transmit, lock removal, and other improvements for in-kernel packet performance.
BoF Track
John Fastabend, Jesper Brouer, John Ronciak
Thursday, October 16 - 05:30 PM

* Obsoleting support for old hardware

Notes for this session: Certain hardware has not been available and probably not used for years. Finding hardware for testing when enhancing the code to use new APIs is becoming harder and harder.
BoF Track
Jes Sorensen, Daniel Wagner

Linux Plumbers Conference 2014 Refereed Talks

Proposals for this room

* Ftrace kernel hooks, more than just tracing (Confirmed)

The audience is aimed at developers. You do not need to be a kernel developer to enjoy this talk. Just someone that enjoys the art of programming and the crazy ideas that are performed to overcome such obstacles. Live code modification is not trivial, and now the new features of allocating code on the fly makes it even more radical. This is not a trivial task; it requires understanding how the CPU pipeline works as well as all states that the kernel can be in. (slides)
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Steven Rostedt

* Linux kernel tinification (Confirmed)

How small can the Linux kernel get today? What would it take to make it an order of magnitude smaller? A detailed look at kernel configuration, what's really required in the kernel versus what's optional, and what you can expect over the next few years of further kernel tinification.
Refereed Talks 08/14/2014
Josh Triplett