Room 14

Capacity: 100
Size: big
Seating Configuration: Conference

Room 14

Proposals for this room

* Automatic NUMA Balancing (Confirmed)

The audience is anyone interested in the performance characteristics of NUMA systems, as well as people interested in how automatic NUMA balancing works.
Refereed Talks 08/14/2014
Rik van Riel

* How to design a Linux kernel API (Confirmed)

The intended audience is kernel developers and user-space programmers with an interest in the long-term health of the kernel-user-space API, and anyone with an interest in API design.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Michael Kerrisk

* First glimpse at shingled drives (Confirmed)

Anyone interested in modern storage technologies and trends.
Refereed Talks 08/13/2014
Hannes Reinecke