Linux Plumbers Conference 2014 proposals


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* RT Status report (Confirmed)

Status of the realtime project. Mini-Summit readout
Real Time II 10/14/2014
Thomas Gleixner

* Avoiding some of the mmap_sem usage (Confirmed)

Avoiding some RT issues by avoiding mmap_sem
Real Time II 10/12/2014
Peter Zijlstra

* SIL2LinuxMP: GNU/Linux Multicore platform for safety related systems (Confirmed)

Certifying GNU/Linux for safety (slides)
Real Time II 10/12/2014
Nicholas Mc Guire

* Read Write Semaphore bottlenecks (Confirmed)

Handling the difficulties of priority inheritance and Reader Writer semaphores. (slides)
Real Time II 10/12/2014
Steven Rostedt

* What's new in the LLVM Ecosystem, and how does that affect the kernel? (Confirmed)

A tour of LLVM technologies, concentrating on those of interest to kernel developers. (slides)
LLVM 10/09/2014
Marshall Clow

* Remote Vehicle Interaction (RVI) (Confirmed)

RVI is an open source framework for connecting vehicles to cloud services and mobile devices that handles authentication, authorization, discovery of services and data exchange over any network topology. (slides)
Automotive 10/08/2014
Rudolf Streif

* Adding stateful features to OVS (Confirmed)

Discuss adding stateful features to OVS by leveraging kernel functions
Network Virtualization and Security 10/07/2014
Justin Pettit

* Integrated Network Virtualization (Confirmed)

Integrated Network Virtualization is aimed at providing a minimally intrusive and highly performant network virtualization solution in the Linux stack.
Network Virtualization and Security 10/06/2014
Tom Herbert

* UDP encapsulation, FOU, GUE, & RCO (Confirmed)

A discussion around recent work to support UDP encapsulation in the stack.
Network Virtualization and Security 10/06/2014
Tom Herbert

* Tracing on large scale infrastructure

How to best use tracing tools on severals thousands of servers
Tracing 10/06/2014
Yannick Brosseau

* Rich probe filtering and reporting with variable locations and types (Confirmed)

How to combine various mechanisms (CTF, SDT, DWARF, etc.) used by various tools to provide rich filtering and reporting of events.
Tracing 10/02/2014
Mark Wielaard

* Linux Tracing Strategy (Confirmed)

The current state of tracing, integration between and of the tracers, and where we should be going.
Tracing 10/02/2014
Brendan Gregg

* Sharing kernel tools code (Confirmed)

Making perf tools generic code available as a tools library.
Tracing 10/01/2014
Jiri Olsa

* A High Performance Socket Interface in Linux (Confirmed)

A proposal for using hardware queues with the af_packet interface and a discussion on how to use this with existing virt interfaces.
Network Virtualization and Security 09/30/2014
John Fastabend, John Ronciak

* LXC after 1.0 (Confirmed)

Looking at the future for LXC after the 1.0 release.
Containers 09/29/2014
Stéphane Graber

* OVS Micro Summit Summary (Confirmed)

Summary of proceedings of the dataplane focused OVS micro summit on Wednesday.
Network Virtualization and Security 09/25/2014
Thomas Graf, Jesse Gross

* Process isolation for autonomous driving. (Confirmed)

How mainline kernels support enforcement of freedom from interference between processes. (slides)
Automotive 09/19/2014
Tilmann Ochs

* Encrypted VXLAN (Confirmed)

ideas for providing per tenant encryption of virtualized networks in the cloud
Network Virtualization and Security 09/18/2014
Alexei Starovoitov

* Does network packet format matter? (Confirmed)

Ideas for solving ever growing needs of networking in the cloud and live discussion
Network Virtualization and Security 09/18/2014
Alexei Starovoitov

* "Minstrel-Blues" - Practical Joint Rate und Power Control in Linux mac80211 with todays 802.11b/g/a/n Chips (Confirmed)

I will present the design, implemenation and performance imapct of my pratical joint rate and power control algorithm "Minstrel-Blues" within Linux mac80211 and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Atheros chips. (slides)
Wireless Networking 09/15/2014
Thomas Hühn

* Standardizing privileged operations (Confirmed)

Discussion about standardizing how privileged operations like screenshots or registering global hotkeys can be done. (slides)
Wayland 09/15/2014
Hans de Goede

* CPUfreq and scheduler integration (Confirmed)

Discussion on the state of the art regarding scheduler-driven cpu frequency transitions
Energy-aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management 09/12/2014
Mike Turquette

* Exploring synergies between Linux Kernel and Xen hypervisor live patching (Confirmed)

A quick introduction into the design space for live patching for Xen. (slides)
Live Kernel Patching 09/11/2014
Martin Pohlack

* Ion and the DMA coherency model (Confirmed)

A look at ion and how it handles memory coherency (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/08/2014
Rom Lemarchand

* Welcome: Android upstreaming status (Confirmed)

Karim Yaghmour gives an overview of the state of Android upstreaming (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/05/2014
Rom Lemarchand

* The next event with the io latency tracking (Confirmed)

The IO latency tracking allows to track per task the expected sleep time when blocked on an IO. Coupled with the next timer event, it gives an accurate information about the next event supposed to wake up a cpu (slides)
Energy-aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management 09/05/2014
Daniel Lezcano

* What's left to make allyesconfig on x86_64 (Confirmed)

The LLVMLinux is close to be able to compile the full kernel (aka allyesconfig) - what is left to do ? (slides)
LLVM 09/04/2014
Jan-Simon Möller

* Moving code out of staging (Confirmed)

open discussion about moving the Android code out of staging
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Rom Lemarchand

* Porting Generic Android Drivers and 64-bit Binder ABI (Confirmed)

Generic 64-bit driver porting guidelines; 64-bit Binder ABI; Replacing Binder IPC. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Serban Constantinescu

* Power management discussion: Big.Little (Confirmed)

Open discussion regarding big.little and more generally power management in Android
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Rom Lemarchand

* Introduction to AARCH64 (Confirmed)

ARM64 Instruction Set Overview (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Rodolph Perfetta

* dma-fence & android sync (Confirmed)

explicit synchronization in the android graphics layers and mainlining efforts (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Rom Lemarchand

* Migrating code from ARM to ARM64 (Confirmed)

Best practices for migrating code from ARM to ARM64 (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Rom Lemarchand

* Bionic - 64 bit ABI and 64-bit ART (Confirmed)

Overview of Android's runtime and libc. (slides)
Android/Mobile 09/04/2014
Elliott Hughes

* Smart system shutdown (Confirmed)

How systemd inhibitors can be used to handle system shutdown in eCall and telephony scenarios. (slides)
Automotive 09/03/2014
Timo Müller, Colin Guthrie

* LLVMLinux progress (Confirmed)

Where do we stand with the patches to support compiling the kernel with clang (slides)
LLVM 09/02/2014
Behan Webster

* vampyr: configurability aware compile-testing of source files (Confirmed)

I present a tool, which compile-tests sourcefiles with a high coverage of configurable CPP-blocks. (slides)
Development Tools 09/02/2014
Stefan Hengelein

* Filesystem Status and Updates (Confirmed)

Filesystem Status and Updates
File and Storage Systems 09/02/2014
Chris Mason

* SMR integration and how to overcome layering issues (Confirmed)

This talk will focus on SMR integration with the linux SCSI stack and how layering issues can be overcome
File and Storage Systems 09/02/2014
Hannes Reinecke, James Borden

* What features are needed from a live patching solution? (Confirmed)

What features are needed from a live patching solution?
Live Kernel Patching 09/02/2014
Jiri Kosina

* How to fix bugs automatically? (Confirmed)

I will introduce the idea of automatic software repair and how it works in practice.
Development Tools 09/01/2014
Martin Monperrus

* How to evaluate block allocator changes (Confirmed)

This session will discuss ways we can and should evaluate changes to a file system block allocator to avoid performance regressions.
File and Storage Systems 09/01/2014
Lukáš Czerner

* DRBD9 and drbdmanage (Confirmed)

drbd9 and drbdmanage are the data and control plane of a distributed storage system for replicated block devices. A cinder driver is already in development. Integration into other storage management frameworks desirable?
File and Storage Systems 08/29/2014
Philipp Reisner

* Following mainline with PREEMPT_RT (Confirmed)

Pitfalls you step in while porting PREEMPT_RT to a new mainline version. (slides)
Real Time I 08/29/2014
Sebastian Siewior

* IOMMU Page Faulting an Linux MM Integration (Confirmed)

Discussion about how to integrate upcoming and existing demand paging IOMMUs into the IOMMU-API (slides)
IOMMU and VFIO 08/29/2014
Joerg Roedel

* FS-Cache for file systems in userspace (Confirmed)

Enabling on-disk caches for userspace file systems by integrating FS-Cache in FUSE.
File and Storage Systems 08/29/2014
Niels de Vos

* VFIO and non-DMA devices (Confirmed)

This session proposes changes to vfio to remove a current limitation-- allowing the passthrough of non-DMA devices to user space.
IOMMU and VFIO 08/28/2014
Stuart Yoder, Bharat Bhushan

* Moving to the user-bus (Confirmed)

Discussion on why/how to move existing compositors from a per-session to a per-user bus.
Wayland 08/28/2014
David Herrmann

* Graphics beyond the main compositor (Confirmed)

An overview of ongoing efforts to improve the graphics stack in the boot-loader, initrd, login-manager, early-boot and late-shutdown.
Wayland 08/28/2014
David Herrmann

* Current state of full dynticks (Confirmed)

Summary about full dynticks evolvement (slides)
Real Time I 08/27/2014
Frederic Weisbecker

* LLVM AArch64 (Confirmed)

LLVM AArch64
LLVM 08/27/2014
Kristof Beyls

* randomized MAC address scanning (Confirmed)

for privacy reasons, randomized MAC address scanning may be a good feature to have
Wireless Networking 08/27/2014
Johannes Berg

* generalized firmware coredump support (Confirmed)

report on the work (done|in progress) on a unified firmware coredump mechanism
Wireless Networking 08/27/2014
Johannes Berg

* Kubernetes and Google: 5 lessons learned from 8+ years of containers (Confirmed)

Explaining some of the decisions we made in Kubernetes as a result of our experiences inside Google. (slides)
Containers 08/26/2014
Victor Marmol

* GCC and LLVM collaboration review (Confirmed)

Outcomes of the GNU+LLVM discussion at the GNU cauldron and the implications for other projects. (slides)
Development Tools 08/26/2014
Renato Golin

* FUSE mounts from user namespaces (Confirmed)

Status update and demo of mounting filesystems from unprivileged containers using FUSE (slides)
Containers 08/25/2014
Seth Forshee

* Dynamic device management in an LXC environment (Confirmed)

A proposed framework to allow I/O devices (displays, keyboard, mice) to be dynamically bound and unbound to an LXC container (slides)
Containers 08/25/2014
Michael Coss

* Cloud-based wireless packet capture, sharing, analysis, and diagnosis (Confirmed)

It would be a lot easier to debug this wifi problem if only you had a packet trace.
Wireless Networking 08/25/2014
Avery Pennarun

* Extremely high speed and high coverage home wifi (Confirmed)

802.11ac speeds are great - if you're 3 feet away.
Wireless Networking 08/25/2014
Avery Pennarun

* Porting Tizen IVI to Wayland (Confirmed)

Developing Tizen IVI Wayland features in collaboration with upstream projects (slides)
Wayland 08/25/2014
Manuel Bachmann

* ConnMan status update (Confirmed)

ConnMan status update (slides)
Network Management 08/25/2014
Patrik Flykt

* Other Topics - Look Here for slides and uploads (Confirmed)

Placeholder for other topics not formally scheduled - used to hang presentatation from.
File and Storage Systems 08/25/2014
Ric Wheeler

* How far are we from running distributions inside containers? (Confirmed)

Let's discuss the missing kernel functionality for running Linux distributions inside containers
Containers 08/25/2014
Oren Laadan, Amir Goldstein

* What's missing for Miracast? (Confirmed)

Missing bits and pieces in the wireless stack to make Miracast work on linux.
Wireless Networking 08/22/2014
David Herrmann

* Introduction to networkd (Confirmed)

Introduction to networkd, what have been done so far, what we are working on, and what we see as our main usecases
Network Management 08/22/2014
Tom Gundersen

* Support for open-channel SSDs and flash-agnostic APIs (Confirmed)

Integration of flash-agnostic APIs (e.g., Key-value store, Object store, Atomic-IOs, etc.) with open-channel SSDs- status and discussion (slides)
File and Storage Systems 08/22/2014
Jesper Madsen, Matias Bjørling, Javier Gonzalez

* DNSSEC and split DNS using unbound and dnssec-trigger (Confirmed)

What we expect from unbound and dnssec-trigger and how we integrate them to Fedora and possibly other distributions.
Network Management 08/22/2014
Pavel Šimerda

* Bringing WiFi P2P connectivity to higher level via ConnMan (Confirmed)

How providing WiFi P2P connectivity in a simple manner has been solved though ConnMan (slides)
Network Management 08/22/2014
Tomasz Bursztyka

* NetworkManager Status Update (Confirmed)

Status Update on NetworkManager and what to expect from nm-1.0 (slides)
Network Management 08/22/2014
Thomas Haller

* Overview of the Live Kernel Patching methods (Confirmed)

Overview of the three approaches for Live Kernel Patching (kpatch, kGraft and criu+kexec)
Live Kernel Patching 08/22/2014
Steven Rostedt

* Moving Android towards clang (Confirmed)

Problems, fixes, and future plans for building Android with clang (slides)
Android/Mobile 08/21/2014
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Building Android userland with clang (Confirmed)

Problems when trying to build Android userland with clang, and future steps (slides)
LLVM 08/21/2014
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Switching OpenMandriva to clang (Confirmed)

Experiences OpenMandriva made while changing the distribution's default compiler to clang 3.5 (slides)
LLVM 08/21/2014
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Exposing a virtual IOMMU interface to KVM guests (Confirmed)

Discussion around exposing a virtual IOMMU interface to a KVM guest using VFIO/KVM ioctls (slides)
IOMMU and VFIO 08/21/2014
Will Deacon

* Handling device identity mappings in the IOMMU API (Confirmed)

Some devices request identity mapping of ranges via firmware interfaces, which seems contrary to device use via the IOMMU API. Can we support these conflicting requirements? (slides)
IOMMU and VFIO 08/20/2014
Alex Williamson

* IOMMU Fault Handling (Confirmed)

The IOMMU subsystem currently lacks fault propagation out to drivers or other users of the interface. We'll discuss work to be done in this area.
IOMMU and VFIO 08/20/2014
David Woodhouse

* Location Based Services -- standardizing an API

"Car makers consume and create Location Based Services for navigation, fuel economy, and other services in the car. The GENIVI LBS APIs are meant to serve as an authoritative, widely used standard for creating and consuming services based on location."
Automotive 08/19/2014
Philippe COLLIOT, Jeremiah Foster

* LLVM ARM Toolchain (Confirmed)

Bringing a full LLVM toolchain together, from core support tools (like integrated assembler and exception handling) to libraries and tools. (slides)
LLVM 08/18/2014
Renato Golin

* Using LLVM to generate call graphs for the Linux kernel (Confirmed)

Build code with clang and get call graphs for free
LLVM 08/18/2014
Mark Charlebois

* Are containers that we have now secure enough? (Confirmed)

Let's discuss what security aspects we may have with existing implementation of containers in the kernel (slides)
Containers 08/18/2014
Pavel Emelyanov, Vladimir Davydov

* Long-term testing (Confirmed)

More than hundred PREEMPT_RT systems at the OSADL QA Farm approve real-time capabilities
Real Time I 08/17/2014
Carsten Emde

* Geneve: Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation (Confirmed)

Implementing a network virtualization encapsulation protocol flexible enough for now and the future.
Network Virtualization and Security 08/16/2014
Jesse Gross

* Integrating Scheduler and CPU Power Management Subsystems (Confirmed)

Use Cases which highlight the importance of integration of the CPU Power management subsystems.
Energy-aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management 08/16/2014
Preeti Murthy

* Real-Time Virtualization - How Crazy Are We? (Confirmed)

Enabling and improving real-time guarantees in Linux-based virtualization environments (slides)
Real Time I 08/16/2014
Jan Kiszka

* Traffic control for multimedia applications (Confirmed)

Controlling the network bandwidth with traffic control for multimedia applications on mobile networks
Network Management 08/15/2014
Alban Crequy

* AP Group Features (Confirmed)

Optimization of wireless networks over multiple Linux driven APs.
Wireless Networking 08/15/2014
Helmut Schaa

* Consolidating IOMMU Drivers (Confirmed)

Lots of code in the current IOMMU drivers can be consolidated into core code. This discussion presents some ideas on this. (slides)
IOMMU and VFIO 08/15/2014
Joerg Roedel

* Checkpoint/restore of containers with CRIU (Confirmed)

Current status and plans for LXC/Docker and CRIU integration. (slides)
Containers 08/15/2014
Saied Kazemi, Tycho Andersen, Pavel Emelyanov, Serge Hallyn

* Updating the kernel using CRIU and KExec (Confirmed)

Pros and cons of replacing the kernel seamlessly to running processes instead of live-patching it. (slides)
Live Kernel Patching 08/15/2014
Pavel Emelyanov

* Backporting the kernel with SmPL (Confirmed)

Can the Coccinelle engine be used to help automatically backport the Linux kernel?
Development Tools 08/15/2014
Luis Rodriguez

* Tools to analyse scheduling and energy efficiency (Confirmed)

Improving scheduler regression testing with a focus on energy efficiency (slides)
Energy-aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management 08/14/2014
Amit Kucheria

* kpatch vs kGraft (Confirmed)

Compare the design and features of kpatch and kGraft and figure out if we can combine the two approaches, or take any other steps to get a live patching solution merged into mainline.
Live Kernel Patching 08/14/2014
Josh Poimboeuf

* Coccinelle: A program matching and transformation tool (Confirmed)

Gain insights into Coccinelle to open new avenues to faster and efficient kernel contributions.
Development Tools 08/14/2014
Himangi Saraogi

* Undertaker-checkpatch: how to avoid #ifdef bugs in the Linux kernel (Confirmed)

I present a tool, which checks Git commits for variability related #ifdef bugs. (slides)
Development Tools 08/14/2014
Valentin Rothberg

* Development Tools Discussion (Confirmed)

Development Tools 08/14/2014
Julia Lawall

* Testing Multiple Architectures Using QEMU (Confirmed)

Discussing how `make ARCH=all test` for Linux libraries and applications can be realized.
Development Tools 08/14/2014
Christopher Covington

* Use of Common Trace Format (CTF) among different tracers (Confirmed)

Next steps to share common tracing tools via common trace format
Tracing 08/14/2014
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Enlightenment as Wayland Compositor (Confirmed)

The journey we took to make it possible to run Enlightenment as a standalone Wayland compositor. (slides)
Wayland 08/14/2014
Christopher Michael, Stefan Schmidt

* Vehicle Diagnostics, especially logging and tracing with the AUTOSAR DLT standard.

Turning the AUTOSAR logging and tracing standard into running code on GNU/Linux.
Automotive 08/14/2014
Jeremiah Foster

* Virtualized high performance (DPDK) packet processing (Confirmed)

Moving from 500Kpps to low latency and high packet rate - 2Mpps to 200Mpps - requires some evolutions of vNICs
Network Virtualization and Security 08/14/2014
Vincent JARDIN

* Energy-model guided scheduler decisions (Confirmed)

Enabling the scheduler to make informed energy-aware scheduling decisions using platform energy/performance models.
Energy-aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management 08/14/2014
Morten Rasmussen

* Resource management across different tools (Confirmed)

Effectively managing machine resources using different cgroup tools.
Containers 08/13/2014
Rohit Jnagal

* systemd-resolved (Confirmed)

Recently, systemd gained it's own mini-daemon for host name resolution, called "systemd-resolved". This deserves explanation
Network Management 08/13/2014
Lennart Poettering

* systemd and containers: standards, integration, and APIs (Confirmed)

systemd manages cgroups, runs in containers, and manages containers. In this session I'll given an overview about the details.
Containers 08/13/2014
Lennart Poettering

* Correlating timestamps in user and kernel space (Confirmed)

We need a way of timestamping perf(ormance) data generated in userspace.
Tracing 08/12/2014
Paweł Moll