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LPC 2014 General Registration Is now Closed

We are pleased to announce that we have reached our designated limit for general registration to LPC 2014. As of now, the general registration for LPC 2014 is closed. This year we have reached our maximum capacity earlier than usual. As previously announced (see blog post), we have deliberately limited the number of registrations in […]

LPC 2014 Is Almost Full

The LCP 2014 Planning Committee would like to thank all of you that have registered so far for this year’s conference. We would like to remind everyone that the Linux Plumbers Conference sets a limit on the number of attendees, in the interest of creating an environment conductive to planning, productive interaction and making progress […]

An In-Depth Look: Live Kernel Patching Microconference

As our series of microconferences explained continues, here is Live Kernel Patching. There has been a great deal of interest in live kernel patching (see this article) over the past few months, with several different approaches proposed, including CRIU+kexec, kGraft, and kpatch, all in addition to ksplice. This microconference will host discussions on required […]

Submissions for Microconferences Discussion Topics and BOFs Are Now Open

The LPC 2014 Planning Committee and the Microconference Leaders are pleased to announce that it is now possible to submit discussion topics for individual microconferences. In addition, attendees can also propose ideas for BOF (“Birds of a Feather”) discussion sessions. Before you submit a topic for discussion within a microconference, make sure you look at […]

An In-Depth Look: IOMMU and VFIO Microconference

Let’s take a closer look at the IOMMU and VFIO Microconference. Increased interest in virtualization and heterogeneous computing has also raised interest in IOMMUs and VFIO, as these can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of compute workloads and virtualization with heavy I/O requirements. This microconference will look at error handling, substituting generic code for […]

An In-Depth Look: Development Tools Microconference

Here is another installment in our LPC 2014 MC in-depth series: the Development Tools Microconference. A very famous 1986 paper entitled “No Silver Bullet. Essence and Accident in Software Engineering” by Fred Brooks (of “Mythical Man Month” fame) states that although there have been modest advances in the field of software engineering, none of the […]

An In-Depth Look: Energy-Aware Scheduling and CPU Power Management Microconference

Another Microconference explained: Energy aware-scheduling and CPU power management. Energy efficiency has received considerable attention, for example, the microconference at last year’s Plumbers (see LPC 2013 schedule, notes and videos) and the workshop at last year’s Kernel Summit (see LWN’s article). However, there is still quite a bit left to be desired in Linux’s energy-aware […]

An In-Depth Look: Android and Mobile Microconference

Let’s look at another of our LPC 2104 Microconferences: Android and Mobile. As has been the case for the past 15 years, 2014 was to be the year of the Linux laptop. But thanks to Android, the past several years really have been the years of the Linux smartphone, as well as the years of […]

An In-Depth Look: LLVM Microconference

Welcome to a new installment in our series of microconferences writeups. This time we’ll talk about LLVM. LLVM and clang (see the LLVM project website) have been increasingly seen as an alternative to the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc), for example, Clang is now distributed as part of the Android Native Development Kit (Android NDK). However, […]

Early Registration Extended to August 15th

We have extended the early registration deadline for LPC 2014 to August 15th so that we can announce the refereed papers selection before the new deadline. Until August 15th the registration price remains 350USD. Effective August 16th 2014, the registration price will increase to 475USD. All other registration dates and prices have not changed. The […]