Monthly Archives: May 2014

An In-Depth Look: Wayland Microconference

Welcome to a new installment of our series describing the LPC 2014 Microconferences. The Wayland compositor is used in a variety of environments, ranging from automobiles to smartphones. Its usage is currently primarily in embedded environments, however, it is well on its way to enjoying broad desktop support. This increased interest from desktop environments is […]

An In-Depth Look: Network Virtualization And Security Microconference

Welcome to the second installment of our LPC 2014 Microconferences in-depth series. The topic of network security has sparked considerable excitement over the past few weeks (see the Heartbleed Bug), but this microconference takes things one step farther from network security to network virtualization and security. The addition of virtualization adds significant security considerations. For […]

An In-Depth Look: Containers Microconference

Welcome to a series of posts providing a more detailed look at our LPC 2014 Microconferences. The topic of containers has sparked considerable excitement over the past year. At least some of this excitement stems from the extremely lightweight virtualization that containers can provide. However, there are still a number of areas in need of […]

First Set of Microconferences Approved for LPC 2014

The LPC 2014 committee has started reviewing and approving this year’s Microconferences Proposals. The approved microconferences so far are Containers, Wayland, Network Virtualization and Security, and Wireless Networking. For details on each of the approved microconferences and the currently pending proposals, please see the LPC 2014 wiki . We are still reviewing the current set […]