Kirill Kolyshkin



Kirill Kolyshkin was named leader and project manager for the OpenVZ project in 2005 to further the adoption of containers virtualization
for Linux. He spearheads the overall development and manages all key architecture, updates and feature upgrades for OpenVZ. Kolyshkin
has more than 10 years Linux experience and has long been an active open source advocate. He is a frequent speaker about virtualization technology and his 15-years career experience includes positions in information technology at Deutsche Bank and telecommunications company,
Severtelecom. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the Ukhta State
Technical University.

Sessions for this user

* Containers control tools: can we unify those?

Now that the kernel supports both LXC and OpenVZ do we really need two different tool sets? If not, how should we unify the user visible container control plane.
Kirill Kolyshkin, St├ęphane Graber