Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone

Collabora Ltd.


After approximately ten years working on all manner of input device support and living in Melbourne, Daniel realised both of these were poor ideas, and now resides in less-viciously-hot London – which is, as he writes this in the third person, sadly experiencing a level three heatwave alert. He fills his days working as Collabora’s Graphics Domain Lead, arguing with Wayland, GStreamer, WebKit, GLES/EGL and KMS; of which some occasionally bend to his will. He remembers a lot more about X11 than he’d care to admit.

Sessions for this user

* IVI and Wayland: why, what, how

Summarising the current status of IVI on Wayland
Daniel Stone

* Media decode and composition: bridging the gap

A look at the issues preventing better usage of media decode and 2D composition hardware (slides)
Graphics and Display
Daniel Stone