Paul McKenney


Paul McKenney

IBM Linux Technology Center


Paul E. McKenney has been coding for almost four decades, more than half of that on parallel hardware, where his work has earned him a reputation among some as a flaming heretic. Over the past decade, Paul has been an IBM Distinguished Engineer at the IBM Linux Technology Center. Paul maintains the RCU implementation within the Linux kernel, where the variety of workloads present highly entertaining performance, scalability, real-time response, and energy-efficiency challenges. Prior to that, he worked on the DYNIX/ptx kernel at Sequent, and prior to that on packet-radio and Internet protocols (but long before it was polite to mention Internet at cocktail parties), system administration, business applications, and real-time systems. His hobbies include what passes for running at his age along with the usual house-wife-and-kids habit.

Sessions for this user

* But What About Concurrent Updates?

We need mechanisms that do for update-mostly workloads that what RCU does for read-mostly workloads. (slides)
Paul McKenney

* Improving Energy Efficiency On Asymmetric Multiprocessing Systems

Energy-efficiency benefits of extended idle and RCU callback offloading. (slides)
Power-efficient Scheduling
Paul McKenney