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Amir Goldstein



Amir Goldstein heads the virtualization group at Cellrox (, a start-up company providing virtualization for multi-persona solutions on smartphones and
tablets. Prior to Cellrox, Amir lead technology groups at various start-up companies in the fields of security, storage, networking, and cloud computing. Amir is the creator and maintainer of out-of-tree Next3 project, which brings snapshot support for the ubiquitous Ext3 with fully compatible on-disk format. Amir collaborated the efforts to mainline snapshots support to Ext4. Amir holds an M.Sc. in Electric Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and a B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science from Hebrew University.

Sessions for this user

* Device namespace

Present the device namespace implementation by cellrox and discuss upstreaming.
Oren Laadan, Amir Goldstein