Virtio on Xen

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One Line Summary

Discussing VirtIO on Xen


Can we use virtio on Xen?


  • Ian Campbell

    Citrix Systems


    Ian Campbell has been involved with the Xen project since joining XenSource in 2005. Today he is a Principal Software Engineer at Citrix Systems, Inc ( working on Xen where his interests include Linux on Xen, paravirtualised networking and toolstack issues. Prior to Citrix (and XenSource) he worked on embedded Linux systems at Arcom Control Systems.


  • Biography

    Anthony Liguori is the Open Virtualization Development Lead at IBM’s Linux Technology Center. He is the maintainer of the QEMU project and long time contributor to both KVM and Xen. Anthony has spoken at many Linux Foundation events. Most recently, he spoke at KVM Forum 2012 and the Linux Foundation End User Summit 2012


  • Alex Williamson

    Red Hat


    Alex is a Senior Software Engineer working for Red Hat from his home in Fort Collins, Colorado. Alex has a long history of Linux kernel and open source virtualization work with over 10 years as an engineer with HP’s open source division. Alex is currently working on KVM/QEMU-based virtualization with a focus on PCI device assignment.


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