Common Display Framework

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One Line Summary

State of the Common Display Framework and roadmap to mainline


The third version of the Common Display Framework has just been submitted for review. At the same time a new drm_bridge framework has been proposed by the Chromium team to solve issues that are also addressed by CDF.

This presentation will address the problems that CDF want to solve and try to establish a roadmap to get CDF merged in mainline. It will also address drm_bridge and see if the two proposals could be merged.

Presentation Materials



  • Laurent-pinchart-128x128

    Laurent Pinchart

    Ideas on board


    Laurent Pinchart has been a Linux kernel developer since 2001. He has written media-related Linux drivers for consumer and embedded devices, and is one of the Video4Linux core developers. Laurent is the founder and owner of Ideas on board, a company specialized in embedded Linux design and development. He gave Linux media-related talks at the FOSDEM, LPC and ELC. He currently works with the Renesas Linux kernel team where he develops embedded video-related DRM/KMS and V4L2 drivers.


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