Device Management in Automotive Infotainment

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One Line Summary

Efficient device management for in vehicle infotainment with consideration for smart devices connectivity


udev is the defacto device management solution in Linux and manages the /dev nodes in a dynamic fashion and is completely implemented in the user space. udev is fundamentally based on the uevents interface implemented in the Linux kernel and provides userspace applications a consistent way of accessing the devices. The defacto implements works well in Desktop based systems. Automotive In vehicle Infotainment presents some unique challenges as well as opportunities in the way devices are managed. Most, if not In Vehicle Infotainment Systems have a well defined set of devices supported over the lifetime of the vehicle with smart devices being the only exception. udev’s rules based approach works well for most of the linux systems especially the desktop and the netbook variants. The intent of this proposal is to unravel the challenges in device management in an in-vehicle-infotainment context and explore the possibility of implementing a device manager, that is based on udev, in a much more efficient manner suited for automotive infotainment. This approach essentially aims to use a combination of static and dynamic device trees as well as providing a means of accomodating special devices through plugins. Further, the proposal also intends to investigate the implications of udev integrated with systemd.


Device Management, Smart Devices Connectivity Management


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