Linux and the Clang Static Analyzer

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The Clang Static Analyzer can be used to look for various specific issues in the Linux kernel. What other checkers can be added specifically for the Linux kernel?


Static analysis can be used to find semantic errors which otherwise might only show up during run-time. The Clang Static Analyzer was developed as a part of the LLVM project. Not only does the Clang Static Analyzer use the same parser and grammar as the clang compiler, but it uses the resulting Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to do the analysis. It is also both configurable and extendable; it allows both checkers to be enabled/disabled as well as added. The LLVMLinux project has adapted Kbuild such that it will work with the Linux kernel.

After introducing and demoing the Clang Static Analyzer, this session will look at gathering ideas for custom Linux specific checkers.


LLVM, Clang, Static Analyzer, Analysis, Checker

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  • Dsc03133

    Eduard Bachmakov

    Linux Foundation (GSoC)


    Eduard is a student at Villanova University, majoring in Computer Engineering and Astronomy & Astrophysics.

    Currently he is working on static analysis of the Linux kernel using the Clang Static Analyzer for the Linux Foundation’s LLVMLinux project as part of GSoC 2013.


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