Building Debian with LLVM/Clang

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Rebuilding Debian with Clang


After extending Debian with two new kernels, Debian will soon be able to be built with a new free C, C++ and Objective-C compiler called Clang. Debian being one of the biggest distribution in term of number of packages (more than 18000), it represents an excellent test for a new key component like a compiler.

Based on LLVM, this compiler is now close to gcc on many different aspects (performances, build time, level of support of C and C++).
This talk will present the current status of a clang-build version of Debian, the different issues faced, the next steps and evolutions.

The rebuild shows that around 12% of the software packaged in Debian are failing because of programming mistakes. Fixing all of them would require a huge effort.
Therefor, how can we make clang more know to make upstream fix their issues ?
How can we make distributions collaborate on this aspect ?


debian clang rebuild

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