EFI support in Xen – the current state of development

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EFI support in Xen – the current state of development


EFI is a very hot topic now because more and more hardware vendors are providing some new systems with it. The long term goal is a total removal of legacy BIOS support. It means that Xen should be prepared for that case. A lot of work has been done, however, there are still some areas to be improved. For example, there is no support for configurations where GRUB2 is involved on EFI platform. There is no relevant EFI Xen support in upstream Linux Kernel, either. This presentation will show the current state of Xen EFI support development. There will be some info what was done and what should be done. Finally, most difficult tasks should be discussed by LPC attendees (probably overall approach towards Xen EFI support in Linux Kernel and some implementation details). Due to ongoing development some issues may arise and some issues may be solved, which means that this topic could be aligned to the current situation at the time of LPC 2013.

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  • Biography

    Daniel Kiper works as a software developer for Oracle. He focuses on EFI support for Xen. Before that he worked on kexec implementation for Xen and memory hotplug support for Xen balloon driver. During his PhD studies (on Air Traffic Management issues) Daniel participated in Google Summer of Code twice (2010 and 2011). He made two presentations (in English) on XenSummit and one on LPC 2012. Additionally, he made some presentations (in Polish) at the seminars on Warsaw University of of Technology.


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