Refereed Talk track

Refereed Talk

Proposals for this track

* Bare Metal Performance, Timekeeping, and Energy Efficiency (Confirmed)

Audience: Developers, moderate expertise.
Refereed Talk 09/16/2013
Paul McKenney

* Page Migration for IOMMU Enhanced Hardware (Confirmed)

All kinds of mechanism are discussed in detail. Moreover, methods for handling from simultaneous faults from both IOMMU and CPU during migration are described.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Tomasz Stanislawski

* Advances in Validation of Concurrent Software (Confirmed)

Audience: Aggresssive developers and testers.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Paul McKenney

* Binary Compatibility for Library Developers (Confirmed)

This presentation will talk about those real-world problems and their solutions, heavily drawing upon the solutions used by both Qt and KDE. It will mostly focus on issues facing libraries on Linux, but will give hints also for cross-platform portability.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Thiago Macieira

* Capture and Replay Hardware Behaviour for Bug Reporting and Regression Testing (Confirmed)

You should be familiar with Linux userspace hardware handling (sysfs, /dev, uevents, D-BUS, etc.) and be interested in QA.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Martin Pitt

* File Mashup (Confirmed)

This presentation will be of interest to system-administrators, kernel-developers, and any end users wanting to know more about this exciting feature. This presentation is aimed at seeking feedback to enrich the implementation and enhance the feature set.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Ram Pai

* Massively Multi-Core Systems or I Have Enough CPUs, Now What? (Confirmed)

The talk will be useful to engineers working to lower the latency and jitter of real time CPU bound applications and kernel developers interested in enabling Linux to serve these needs.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Gilad Ben-Yossef

* Readme.README: Optimizing Legibility on Mobile Devices (Confirmed)

App and mobile platform developers with UI/UX design experience welcome. Moderate technical experience expected.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Nathan Willis

* Secure Boot and The MOK Concept (Confirmed)

The content of this presentation will be technical, although not very heavy. The target audience is thus Linux developers, system administrators, but the content will also be accessible to experienced Linux users.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Vojtěch Pavlík

* UEFI and ACPI for ARM (Confirmed)

The target audience for this talk is kernel developers interested in enterprise server type hardware controlled by UEFI and ACPI during its boot and run cycle, UEFI/ACPI kernel developers who have been working on x86 and interested in the changes required for arm/arm64 support for these standards, and finally those kernel developers who are working on arm/arm64 systems interested in UEFI/ACPI support.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Graeme Gregory

* Using PREEMPT_RT Linux, More Than Just the Kernel (Confirmed)

This talk will be a crash course into how to set up your environment using PREEMPT_RT Linux, explaining things like priorities for interrupts, how softirq's are done, using the priority inheritance mutexes, and other techniques required to avoid the gotcha's that real-time can get you with.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Steven Rostedt

* Vampire Mice: How USB PM Impacts You (Confirmed)

The first part of the talk targets users of all skill levels, and the second part of the talk will be a developer-focused discussion on creating new tools for crowd-sourced USB power management testing. Systemd, udev, Linux distros, and kernel developers should participate in this conversation.
Refereed Talk 08/12/2013
Sarah Sharp