Graphics and Display track

Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 2:004:45pm
Celestin F

The Linux kernel graphics and display subsystems have recently been at the center of deep scrutiny. From new framework proposals to support panels and encoders in embedded systems to the upcoming “battle of the display servers” between, Wayland and Mir, many developers have turned their attention to how Linux handles graphics and display hardware. The kernel needs to ensure more than ever that it offers adequate APIs that can support the needs of both desktop and embedded hardware.

The graphics and display microconference will gather DRM/KMS, FBDEV and V4L2 developers to discuss and agree on how to make the three subsystems evolve in a coordinated way and get ready for the next generation of both hardware and applications.


Microconference Leaders

Jesse Barker, Laurent Pinchart

Sessions for this track

* Common Display Framework

State of the Common Display Framework and roadmap to mainline (slides)
Graphics and Display
Laurent Pinchart

* Media decode and composition: bridging the gap

A look at the issues preventing better usage of media decode and 2D composition hardware (slides)
Graphics and Display
Daniel Stone

* Open Source Graphics on ARM

The progress of open source graphics on ARM in the last year.
Graphics and Display
Rob Clark

* Splitting DRM/KMS device nodes

Splitting DRM and KMS nodes to allow advanced access-control and sharing between subsystems.
Graphics and Display
David Herrmann

* State of the Art Debugging and Tuning Graphics Applications

Developers creating high-end graphics applications on open platforms have stone age tools, but some have learned to use them well.
Graphics and Display
Ian Romanick

Proposals for this track

* Atomic Display Framework

A new display driver framework for modern display hardware and clients
Graphics and Display 08/20/2013
Greg Hackmann

* KMS API extensions

We will explore device features not exposed by the KMS API and how to address the situation.
Graphics and Display 08/13/2013
Jesse Barker