Android and Graphics track

Friday, September 20, 2013 from 9:00amNoon
Celestin F

Android is a heavily graphical environment, with slick user interfaces, games, and other apps. But the Android graphcis stack is quite different then other Linux environments.

Here we will discuss topics which overlap Android and Graphics in focused round-table discussions between Android developers and key upstream community members.

The planned topics will focus on functionality related to ION, Android Sync, and KMS HWComposer, along with the various upstream approaches.

We hope to discuss ways forward that will allow for functionality to be merged in mainline that can co-exist or be shared between Android and other Linux environments.


Microconference Leaders

Jesse Barker, Laurent Pinchart, John Stultz

Sessions for this track

* Dma-buf fences vs Android sync driver:

Discussion on dma-buf fences and Android sync driver
Android and Graphics
John Stultz

* ION / dma-buf allocators / Constraint solving

Discussions on upstreaming ION-like functionality around dma-buf allocation and device constraint solving.
Android and Graphics
John Stultz

* KMS HWComposer issues, the Atomic Display Framework and other KMS Extentions

Discussion around issues with a KMS based HWComposer, the Atomic Display Framework, and other KMS extentions
Android and Graphics
John Stultz, Greg Hackmann

* Phasing-out of the FBDEV API

Discussion around how phasing out the fbdev api might affect Android
Android and Graphics
John Stultz