ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems II track

Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 2:003:15pm
Celestin G
The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference-ACPI/PM (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface/Power Management), PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) subsystems track will focus on current and future development of these areas. There is significant overlap between ACPI/PM and PCI so it makes sense to have an event covering them both.

Since this is “Plumbers” were particularly interested in topics concerning userspace (i.e. userspace interactions, drivers, …) but be warned that the majority of content discussed may have more focus on these subsystem’s internals – it will depend on the responses we receive from the community. As always, this will be a great opportunity for developers to meet and collaborate.

Sessions for this track

* ACPI vs DT

ACPI vs Device Tree - Moving Forward: Discussion on device enumeration methods
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems II
Rafael Wysocki