File and Storage Systems I track

Friday, September 20, 2013 from 9:00amNoon
Celestin H

The Linux Plumbers 2013 Microconference-File and Storage Systems track focuses on technologies used in file and storage systems, starting with configuration, monitoring and management technologies and sessions on the traditional file and storage stack. The focus is on efforts that span multiple teams and areas of focus.

The structure will be similar to what was followed the previous years where this is not about listening to long presentations, rather framing a discussion with a few slides or just opening comments and then kicking off a broad discussion with participation by the attendees.

Microconference Leader

Ric Wheeler

Sessions for this track

* Copy offloading

An interface to offload bulk data copying
File and Storage Systems I
Zach Brown

* How will we Address Persistent Memory?

Persistent memory devices are coming, so we need a plan on how to take advantage of them through the file system. (slides)
File and Storage Systems I
Jeff Moyer

* Virtually Thin: Tuning XFS on Top of Device Mapper dm-thin

Setting up a file system over a dm-thin device, although easy, can have poor performance if not done properly and can even cause data loss. This talk will walk through the dm-thin device configuration to be used by xfs filesystem to achieve good performance and avoid data loss.
File and Storage Systems I
Carlos Maiolino