Secure Boot track

Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 9:00amNoon
Celestin F
The Linux Plumbers 2013 Secure Boot track is focusing on current and future development of supporting the UEFI Secure Boot specification across the Linux ecosystem.

The structure will be most likely be discussion oriented sessions on specific topics related to Secure Boot. Some topics may be fit better as a traditional presentation, however those should be limited in number.

With this microconference, we’re aiming to come to a common set of base requirements for Secure Boot support across the Linux ecosystem. With that as a foundation we’ll focus on plans for upstreaming that support in the various components.

Microconference Leader

Josh Boyer

Sessions for this track

* Hardening the kernel for Secure Boot

What changes do we need to make to the kernel to support the Secure Boot security model?
Secure Boot
Matthew Garrett

* Kexec/Kdump and Secureboot

Discuss how to make kexec/kdump work with secureboot
Secure Boot
Vivek Goyal

* Unifying Secure Boot code and getting additions into UEFI

Current state of unified secure boot code and plans for getting the architecture override into UEFI
Secure Boot
James E.J. Bottomley

Proposals for this track

* Third Party Module Signing for Secure Boot

Discuss the various methods for signing and using third party modules with Secure Boot enabled.
Secure Boot 08/22/2013
Josh Boyer