Automotive track

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 from 10:50am12:40pm
Celestin F

GENIVI and Automotive Grade Linux projects are aimed at enabling Linux system for the automotive environment. GENIVI provides a middleware stack in the spirit of, with components extending from ECUs (Diagnostic Log and Trace) to the Kernel (AF_BUS D-Bus Optimization) all the way up to the main console (AudioManager and SmartPhoneLink). AGL is more of a traditional, complete Linux distribution specialized for the automotive domain.

Microconference Leaders

Daniel Wagner, Rudolf Streif

Sessions for this track

* Automotive diagnostics under Linux

Automotive diagnostics under Linux -- what is missing, what are the next steps?
Jeremiah Foster

* Device Management in Automotive Infotainment

Efficient device management for in vehicle infotainment with consideration for smart devices connectivity
Sriram Gopalan

* IVI and Wayland: why, what, how

Summarising the current status of IVI on Wayland
Daniel Stone

* Updates on 'New Challenges for Linux Network Support'

Update where we are with the 'New Challenges for Linux Network Support' work.
Daniel Wagner

* Using BlueZ in the Automotive World

Making BlueZ fit for the automotive industry.
Gustavo Padovan

Proposals for this track

* Libudev hacking for an automotive environment

Libudev hacking for an automotive environment -- Libudev is a good start for automotive, but there is likely going to be very few devices being swapped in and out, so perhaps using a limited, even hard-coded set of devices is the way to go.
Automotive 07/31/2013
Jeremiah C. Foster