Android track

Friday, September 20, 2013 from 2:004:45pm
Celestin F

Much progress has been made upstreaming support for Android in the Linux kernel.
We’d like to continue working through the current Android patchset and plan for future Android changes.

During this Android microconference we’ll have focused round-table discussions between Android developers and key upstream community members, so that we can find a way to converge the Android functionality with working being done upstream.

The planned topics are on Binder/KDBUS, Android Gadget/ConfigFS Gadget, and netfilter changes.

Microconference Leaders

John Stultz, Zach Pfeffer

Sessions for this track

* Android Gadget driver vs ConfigFS Gadget driver

Discussions around what the ConfigFS gadget driver needs to replace the Android Gadget driver
John Stultz

* Android netfilter changes

Discussions on getting Android netfilter changes merged upstream (slides)
John Stultz

* Unified in-kernel IPC - KDBUS/Binder

Discussions around KDBUS and if it is sufficient to replace the in-kernel binder driver
John Stultz