Linux Plumbers Conference 2013 proposals


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* Per CPU Atomics (Confirmed)

Implementing Per CPU atomics for userspace (slides)
Scaling 10/17/2013
Paul Turner

* Virtio on Xen (Confirmed)

Discussing VirtIO on Xen
Virtualization 09/19/2013
Anthony Liguori, Alex Williamson, Ian Campbell

* vmsplice with transparent huge pages (Confirmed)

vmsplice() could move (rather can copy) pages between processes, but performance would be greatly improved if this supported THP.
Scaling 09/12/2013
Robert Jennings

* User-level threads....... with threads. (Confirmed)

New Scheduler support allowing cooperative scheduling on top of a a 1:1 threading model. (slides)
Scaling 09/07/2013
Paul Turner

* Platform Device VFIO (Confirmed)

Passing non-PCI devices into guests and allow for user space device drivers (slides)
Virtualization 08/29/2013
Alexander Graf

* Linux as the foundation of a networking OS (Confirmed)

A look on the common dilemma for using Linux as the foundation of a networking OS
Network Virtualization II 08/29/2013
matty kadosh

* Fixing the filesystem freeze API (Confirmed)

Overview of the current work to fix the filesystem freeze API
Virtualization 08/28/2013
Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao

* Device namespace (Confirmed)

Present the device namespace implementation by cellrox and discuss upstreaming.
Containers 08/28/2013
Oren Laadan, Amir Goldstein

* Using BlueZ in the Automotive World (Confirmed)

Making BlueZ fit for the automotive industry.
Automotive 08/27/2013
Gustavo Padovan

* IVI and Wayland: why, what, how (Confirmed)

Summarising the current status of IVI on Wayland
Automotive 08/23/2013
Daniel Stone

* Media decode and composition: bridging the gap (Confirmed)

A look at the issues preventing better usage of media decode and 2D composition hardware (slides)
Graphics and Display 08/23/2013
Daniel Stone

* Third Party Module Signing for Secure Boot

Discuss the various methods for signing and using third party modules with Secure Boot enabled.
Secure Boot 08/22/2013
Josh Boyer

* Fedora/systemd on lxc status (Confirmed)

Discuss plans to ensure systemd-based distros continue to work on lxc.
Containers 08/22/2013
Michael H Warfield

* Use Cases for Containers in OpenStack (Confirmed)

Use Cases for Containers in OpenStack
Containers 08/22/2013
Daniel Salinas

* Contrail vRouter implementation and performance enhancement (Confirmed)

A look at the Contrail vRouter kernel module and steps taken to enhance forwarding performance
Network Virtualization I 08/22/2013
Raja Sivaramakrishnan

* Locator/ID Separation Protocol in Linux (Confirmed)

Locator/ID Separation Protocol implementation in Linux and Open vSwitch.
Network Virtualization II 08/21/2013
Kyle Mestery, Vina Ermagan

* Network Service Headers in Linux (Confirmed)

The implementation of the new Network Service Headers IETF draft in both Linux and Open vSwitch.
Network Virtualization II 08/21/2013
Kyle Mestery

* ACPI vs DT (Confirmed)

ACPI vs Device Tree - Moving Forward: Discussion on device enumeration methods
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems II 08/20/2013
Rafael Wysocki

* Atomic Display Framework

A new display driver framework for modern display hardware and clients
Graphics and Display 08/20/2013
Greg Hackmann

* Intel DPDK: Data Plane Development Kit (Confirmed)

This talk will give an overview of what the Intel DPDK is and what it is not.
Network Virtualization II 08/19/2013
John Fastabend

* Integrating NICs with embedded switches in a Linux ecosystem (Confirmed)

Discuss current and future switch features that are or will be embedded into the NIC as well as how these features could be managed in a Linux environment.
Network Virtualization II 08/17/2013
John Fastabend

* Open vSwitch - the good, the bad and the ugly (Confirmed)

This talk shares our experience with Open vSwitch from the past year, both as users and active developers.
Network Virtualization I 08/16/2013
Jerry Chu

* Upstart Roadmap (Confirmed)

Outline plans for future Upstart development. (slides)
Boot and Core OS 08/16/2013
Dmitrijs Ledkovs, James Hunt

* SR-IOV Virtual Function Lifetimes (Confirmed)

Discussion of issues around enabling, disabling, and removing Virtual Functions (slides)
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems I 08/15/2013
Bjorn Helgaas, Myron Stowe

* PCI Device Reference Counting (Confirmed)

Discussion of synchronization issues with device addition and removal (slides)
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems I 08/15/2013
Bjorn Helgaas, Myron Stowe

* PM Interfaces Between User Space and the Kernel (Confirmed)

Discussion on interfaces to use for communicating the needs of user space related to power management to the kernel. (slides)
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems I 08/14/2013
Rafael Wysocki

* PCIe Native Hotplug Integration with ACPI-Based Hotplug (Confirmed)

Discussion on how to integrate the native PCIe hotplug (pciehp) with ACPI-based PCI hotplug (acpiphp). (slides)
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems I 08/14/2013
Rafael Wysocki

* Android netfilter changes (Confirmed)

Discussions on getting Android netfilter changes merged upstream (slides)
Android 08/14/2013
John Stultz

* Android Gadget driver vs ConfigFS Gadget driver (Confirmed)

Discussions around what the ConfigFS gadget driver needs to replace the Android Gadget driver
Android 08/14/2013
John Stultz

* Unified in-kernel IPC - KDBUS/Binder (Confirmed)

Discussions around KDBUS and if it is sufficient to replace the in-kernel binder driver
Android 08/14/2013
John Stultz

* Phasing-out of the FBDEV API (Confirmed)

Discussion around how phasing out the fbdev api might affect Android
Android and Graphics 08/14/2013
John Stultz

* KMS HWComposer issues, the Atomic Display Framework and other KMS Extentions (Confirmed)

Discussion around issues with a KMS based HWComposer, the Atomic Display Framework, and other KMS extentions
Android and Graphics 08/14/2013
Greg Hackmann, John Stultz

* Dma-buf fences vs Android sync driver: (Confirmed)

Discussion on dma-buf fences and Android sync driver
Android and Graphics 08/14/2013
John Stultz

* ION / dma-buf allocators / Constraint solving (Confirmed)

Discussions on upstreaming ION-like functionality around dma-buf allocation and device constraint solving.
Android and Graphics 08/14/2013
John Stultz

* State of the Art Debugging and Tuning Graphics Applications (Confirmed)

Developers creating high-end graphics applications on open platforms have stone age tools, but some have learned to use them well.
Graphics and Display 08/14/2013
Ian Romanick

* KMS API extensions

We will explore device features not exposed by the KMS API and how to address the situation.
Graphics and Display 08/13/2013
Jesse Barker

* Lightweight Containers with nspawn (Confirmed)

A quick introduction of systemd-nspawn for developers
Boot and Core OS 08/12/2013
Lennart Poettering

* 5s Boot Delivered (Confirmed)

5s boots delivered, today.
Boot and Core OS 08/12/2013
Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, Harald Hoyer

* Hasslefree Boot Loading with Gummiboot (Confirmed)

The Gummiboot Boot Loader
Boot and Core OS 08/12/2013
Kay Sievers, Harald Hoyer

* Follow-Up Boot Loader Spec (Confirmed)

Update on the Boot Loader Specification
Boot and Core OS 08/12/2013
Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, Harald Hoyer

* Zero Configuration File System Discovery and Mounting (Confirmed)

Automatically detecting Linux partitions via GPT type IDs
Boot and Core OS 08/12/2013
Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, Harald Hoyer

* All Your Control Groups Are Belong To Us! (Confirmed)

Discussing the new cgroups userspace.
Boot and Core OS 08/12/2013
Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering

* Unifying Secure Boot code and getting additions into UEFI (Confirmed)

Current state of unified secure boot code and plans for getting the architecture override into UEFI
Secure Boot 08/12/2013
James E.J. Bottomley

* Common Display Framework (Confirmed)

State of the Common Display Framework and roadmap to mainline (slides)
Graphics and Display 08/09/2013
Laurent Pinchart

* Scalability Issues in Linux Kernel (Confirmed)

Scalability Issues in Linux Kernel (slides)
Scaling 08/08/2013
Dave Hansen, Tim Chen

* Open vSwitch: Hardware assisted filtering (Confirmed)

Discussion around the use of hardware assisted filtering capabilities found in modern networking hardware to offload the filtering of packets to the hardware.
Network Virtualization I 08/08/2013
Thomas Graf

* OVS: from Open vSwitch to Open network Virtualization System (Confirmed)

Explore ways to extend and merge existing networking mechanisms to address the needs of virtual network infrastructure
Network Virtualization I 08/07/2013
Alexei Starovoitov

* Device Management in Automotive Infotainment (Confirmed)

Efficient device management for in vehicle infotainment with consideration for smart devices connectivity
Automotive 08/05/2013
Sriram Gopalan

* Updates on 'New Challenges for Linux Network Support' (Confirmed)

Update where we are with the 'New Challenges for Linux Network Support' work.
Automotive 08/05/2013
Daniel Wagner

* Unifying Power Policies (Confirmed)

Integrating and extending the existing power management frameworks with the scheduler. (slides)
Power-efficient Scheduling 08/05/2013
Morten Rasmussen

* packing, spreading and scheduling latency (Confirmed)

When packing tasks can improve power efficiency and scheduling latency (slides)
Power-efficient Scheduling 08/04/2013
Vincent Guittot, Tuukka Tikkanen

* Improving Energy Efficiency On Asymmetric Multiprocessing Systems (Confirmed)

Energy-efficiency benefits of extended idle and RCU callback offloading. (slides)
Power-efficient Scheduling 08/03/2013
Paul McKenney

* Containers control tools: can we unify those? (Confirmed)

Now that the kernel supports both LXC and OpenVZ do we really need two different tool sets? If not, how should we unify the user visible container control plane.
Containers 08/03/2013
Stéphane Graber, Kirill Kolyshkin

* Let Me Contain That For You! (Confirmed)

Redesign of container management and its use at Google. (slides)
Containers 08/02/2013
Rohit Jnagal

* Variable Length Arrays in Structs (VLAIS) (Confirmed)

VLAIS is a gcc extension which isn't supported by clang. The unnecessary use of VLAIS in the Linux Kernel prevents the kernel from being built with clang or any other C standard compliant compiler. (slides)
LLVM I 08/01/2013
Mark Charlebois

* Using the Clang Integrated Assembler to compile the Linux Kernel (Confirmed)

Using the Clang Integrated Assembler to build the Linux Kernel on x86/ARM. (slides)
LLVM I 08/01/2013
Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach

* Sleeping disorders: Identifying unwanted wake-up sources (Confirmed)

Making the idle framework and the scheduler to collaborate
Power-efficient Scheduling 08/01/2013
Preeti Murthy, Daniel Lezcano

* TCP repair overview (Confirmed)

A brief introduction to what TCP repair is.
Network Virtualization II 08/01/2013
Pavel Emelianov

* From netmap to virtualization through openvswitch (Confirmed)

Overview of netmap and derived tools and discussion on how they can help improving network virtualization.
Network Virtualization I 08/01/2013
Luigi Rizzo

* Linux and the Clang Static Analyzer (Confirmed)

The Clang Static Analyzer can be used to look for various specific issues in the Linux kernel. What other checkers can be added specifically for the Linux kernel? (slides)
LLVM II 08/01/2013
Eduard Bachmakov

* ACPI-based Hotplug of PCI and Other Devices (Confirmed)

Discussion on the status of support for ACPI-based hotplug of devices in the Linux kernel (slides)
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems I 08/01/2013
Rafael Wysocki

* Power Management Discussions and Lessons Learned: Converting legacy_pm to dev_pm_ops (Confirmed)

Discussion on current status, issues and challeges faced, and observations made in converting legacy pm_ops to dev_pm_ops (slides)
ACPI/PM, PCI subsystems I 08/01/2013
Shuah Khan

* Current status of lock elision in Linux (Confirmed)

Discuss the current status of lock elision in Linux (slides)
Scaling 08/01/2013
Andi Kleen

* Improving Open vSwitch & Network Stack Integration (Confirmed)

How can we best combine the benefits of Open vSwitch and other kernel components like Netfilter in a single system?
Network Virtualization II 07/31/2013
Jesse Gross

* Full dynticks status (Confirmed)

Present state of full dynticks, current limitations and what remains to be done (slides)
Scaling 07/31/2013
Frederic Weisbecker

* Building the Linux kernel and user space for the Hexagon DSP with LLVM (Confirmed)

Linux on the Hexagon DSP with LLVM (slides)
LLVM I 07/31/2013
Anshu Dasgupta, Pavel Potoplyak

* Getting Android userland to build with clang (Confirmed)

Problems observed while making Android userland build with clang - and their solutions (slides)
LLVM I 07/31/2013
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer

* Building Debian with LLVM/Clang (Confirmed)

Rebuilding Debian with Clang (slides)
LLVM II 07/31/2013
Sylvestre Ledru

* How to make the unified arch/x86/ tree of the Kernel work with clang - status, problems, roadmap (Confirmed)

Update on the current progress and solving/discussing current problems for x86_64/i586. (slides)
LLVM I 07/31/2013
Jan-Simon Möller

* New and Not Ready for Prime Time - Short Lightning Talks (Confirmed)

Reserved time to discuss new ideas in an open conversation. (slides)
File and Storage Systems II 07/31/2013
Dhaval Giani, Ric Wheeler

* Splitting DRM/KMS device nodes (Confirmed)

Splitting DRM and KMS nodes to allow advanced access-control and sharing between subsystems.
Graphics and Display 07/31/2013
David Herrmann

* Automotive diagnostics under Linux (Confirmed)

Automotive diagnostics under Linux -- what is missing, what are the next steps?
Automotive 07/31/2013
Jeremiah Foster

* Kexec/Kdump and Secureboot (Confirmed)

Discuss how to make kexec/kdump work with secureboot
Secure Boot 07/31/2013
Vivek Goyal

* Hardening the kernel for Secure Boot (Confirmed)

What changes do we need to make to the kernel to support the Secure Boot security model?
Secure Boot 07/31/2013
Matthew Garrett

* Shingled Drive Impace on File and Storage Stack (Confirmed)

Shingled drives need changes to file and storage to get the best efficiency.
File and Storage Systems II 07/30/2013
Ric Wheeler

* SCSI midlayer scalability (Christoph Hellwig) (Confirmed)

SCSI midlayer scalability work done by Christoph Hellwig
File and Storage Systems II 07/30/2013
Ric Wheeler

* Kicking it up a Level: Bringing the Trusted Platform Module into qemu (Confirmed)

The Design and Implementation of a virtual Trusted Platform Module in qemu
Virtualization 07/25/2013
Joel Schopp

* Improving overlay network performance on existing hardware (Confirmed)

A look at performance issues found and addressed in VXLAN and NVGRE tunnel protocols, and steps we are exploring to further improve performance.
Network Virtualization II 07/24/2013
Alexander Duyck

* Runtime NUMA Reconfiguration for Virtual Machines (Confirmed)

Allow physical memory to change which NUMA node it belongs to at runtime to improve long running virtual machine performance. (slides)
Scaling 07/23/2013
Cody Schafer

* Userspace RCU library: new APIs and data structures (Confirmed)

Discussion of userspace RCU new APIs and use-cases (slides)
Scaling 07/23/2013
Mathieu Desnoyers

* A dedicated cache for metadata? (Confirmed)

A dedicated metadata cache would help distributes file systems and in general should reduce per file system efforts to cache metadata. (slides)
File and Storage Systems II 07/22/2013
Bernd Schubert

* Copy offloading (Confirmed)

An interface to offload bulk data copying
File and Storage Systems I 07/18/2013
Zach Brown

* How will we Address Persistent Memory? (Confirmed)

Persistent memory devices are coming, so we need a plan on how to take advantage of them through the file system. (slides)
File and Storage Systems I 07/18/2013
Jeff Moyer

* EFI support in Xen – the current state of development (Confirmed)

EFI support in Xen – the current state of development (slides)
Virtualization 07/17/2013
Daniel Kiper

* But What About Concurrent Updates? (Confirmed)

We need mechanisms that do for update-mostly workloads that what RCU does for read-mostly workloads. (slides)
Scaling 07/17/2013
Paul McKenney

* Virtually Thin: Tuning XFS on Top of Device Mapper dm-thin (Confirmed)

Setting up a file system over a dm-thin device, although easy, can have poor performance if not done properly and can even cause data loss. This talk will walk through the dm-thin device configuration to be used by xfs filesystem to achieve good performance and avoid data loss.
File and Storage Systems I 07/16/2013
Carlos Maiolino

* Maximizing VM writeout performance

Teach the VM subsystem to perform large I/O writeouts to avoid performance degradation in some situations.
Scaling 07/15/2013
Robert Jennings

* Open Source Graphics on ARM (Confirmed)

The progress of open source graphics on ARM in the last year.
Graphics and Display 07/15/2013
Rob Clark

* Large Memory Sysfs Scaling (Confirmed)

Scaling the userspace sysfs interface for physical memory configuration for large memory systems
Scaling 07/15/2013
Seth Jennings

* User namespace work (Confirmed)

Current state and expected timeline for completion of unprivileged containers
Containers 07/15/2013
Serge Hallyn

* State of CRIU (Checkpoint Restart In Userspace) and integration with LXC (Confirmed)

A tour over checkpoint-restore project features and plans followed by a discussion on integrating this with LXC.
Containers 07/15/2013
Serge Hallyn, Pavel Emelianov

* LXC and Android (Confirmed)

Ever wanted to run Android in a container or run a Linux distro in a container on Android?
Containers 07/15/2013
Stéphane Graber

* On the road to LXC 1.0 (Confirmed)

Overview of what features to expect for LXC 1.0 and hints on how to help us get there.
Containers 07/15/2013
Serge Hallyn, Stéphane Graber