Monthly Archives: August 2013

Guest Ticket Registration Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we have added the Guest Ticket option to the registration system.  A Guest Ticket allows a registered attendee to purchase a companion ticket for a spouse, significant other, family member, or any other guest that grants admission to the Wednesday and Friday social events.  The cost for a Guest [...]

Registration Is Now Closed

We are pleased to announce that we have reached the maximum capacity for registration to the Linux Plumbers Conference, therefore, as of now, the registration is closed. We have deliberately limited the number of registrations to 325 in order to allow for meaningful participation in the MicroConferences and productive interaction among the participants. Thanks to [...]

Opening Plenary Session and Keynotes

On Wednesday September 18, LPC will kick off with an opening plenary session for LPC attendees (the exact time will be announced shortly). Following that session, LPC attendees are invited to attend the LinuxCon keynote sessions. The list of LinuxCon keynotes for Wednesday can be found by going to the LinuxCon keynote schedule and scrolling to [...]

Schedule for Refereed Track Presentations Available

This year, as previously announced, the refereed track talks for LPC will be shared with LinuxCon North America on Wednesday, September 18. This means that the presentations that are part of this “Linux Plumbers Conference Shared Track” will be available for attendees from both LinuxCon and LPC. We are pleased to announce that the schedule [...]