Monthly Archives: April 2013

3 More Microconferences Added for 2013

The planning committee has just approved three more microconferences for this year’s conference: File Systems & Storage, ACPI/PM & PCI subsystems, and LLVM.  Details on these topics plus the previously approved microconferences (Android, Containers, Graphics/Display, and Secure Boot) are available on the Wiki, along with a list of the currently pending proposals.  We will continue approving microconferences [...]

Early Registration Deadline Extended To May 12

We have extended the early registration deadline for LPC to May 12 so that we can approve and announce a few more microconferences before the deadline.   All other deadlines for paper submissions and normal registration dates have not changed.  Please see the Attend page for registration details and dates, and the Participate page for [...]

Early Microconference Approvals

The LPC committee has begun to issue early microconference approvals for this year’s conference.  So far, we’ve signed up Android, Containers, Graphics/Display, and Secure Boot microconferences.  For details about these microconferences (and the list of pending proposals), please see the LPC 2013 Wiki. We are still accepting proposals, so if you have an idea for a [...]

Early Registration Ends April 29

The last day to register for LPC at the early bird rate of $350 is Monday, April 29.  Starting on April 30, registration cost will increase to $400.  Go to the Attend page for more details or to register now.