Submitting A Proposal

Submitting A Proposal (Microconferences and Refereed Track)

We are using the Launchpad infrastructure this year, but it is still easy to submit a proposal to the 2012 Linux Plumbers Conference. Once the Calls for Proposal Submission (Refereed Track and separately, Microconference Talks) are out, we welcome your proposal submissions for each, respectively.

Please read the instructions listed here to fill in the Launchpad Blueprint fields very carefully before you submit. Go to the following URL:

Launchpad Blueprints 2012 LPC

  1. If you do not have a Launchpad account, you will need to create one.  Your launchpad login will be displayed at the top of the page if you have successfully logged in. Once you have a Launchpad account, the above URL will take you to the “Register a new blueprint” page. Once you get to the “Register a new blueprint” page, you can continue to Step 2.
  2. In the “For/Project” field, enter “lpc“.
  3. In the “Name” field, put a short identifier for your talk. Please do -not- put your own name, as Launchpad already knows who you are.
    • For refereed-track presentations, in the “Name” field, enter a short name for your presentation starting with “lpc2012-ref-” for refereed-track presentations (for example, “lpc2012-ref-Grand-Unified-FOSS-Project”).
    • For microconference presentations, in the “Name” field, enter the code shown on that microconference’s wiki. For a few examples:
      1. Containers microconference: “lpc2012-cont-”
      2. Real-time microconference: “lpc2012-rt-”
      3. Scaling microconference: “lpc2012-scale-”
      4. Virtualization microconference: “lpc2012-virt-”
  4. In the “Title” field, enter your proposal’s one-line title.
  5. The “Specification URL” field can be left blank, but feel free to enter a URL pointing to additional information.
  6. In the “Summary” field, enter:
    1. Your abstract, which should be short (a couple of paragraphs), but should clearly describe the problem, the affected areas of the Linux plumbing, and the intended audience.
    2. A one-paragraph bio, describing your experience.
  7. The “Assignee“, “Drafter”, and “Approver” fields may be left blank. Names will need to match Launchpad logins. It is recommended these fields be left blank.
  8. Please leave the “Definition Status” in the “New” state. Changing this field can result in your submission being lost.
  9. Then click the “Register Blueprint” button to submit your proposal! You will automatically be recorded as the person submitting the proposal.

Alternatively, you can submit your proposal via email as described here.

If you have any difficulty submitting your abstract, please email the details to